Item collection be5fe193 7edd 4d67 8d85 9e99cba8806d

Sterling silver 925 emerald cut side baguette cz ring


Item collection b168b0fe eba3 4ea3 a934 47aa4e8d9c17

Round emerald green round cz halo sterling silver ring


Item collection ca40660c 2e5f 4b98 b4a3 8ca64917fe13

Sterling silver 925 pearl pendant


Item collection f48ffd28 b001 46d9 b0d0 67966c61f7fa

Two tone silver and gold cz encrusted flower ring


Item collection 17624d02 dd57 403d 968e 4205cf67892e

red and blue art deco inspired 9ct gold ring


Item collection 9df3b9d1 de7a 41d3 989a 74d21af9cc1b

Pearl and cz sterling silver dangle drop earrings


Item collection 147e821b 4c75 47e6 8ed5 55d8aebd13eb

9ct gold pearl and cz christian cross


Item collection c34a1d15 207b 474f aee6 3bee44cc847c

sterling silver solitaire rings


Item collection 86736f25 dc0d 4607 9282 727a5967e511

Sterling silver 925 marquise leaf double row band


Item collection eeae60e7 5076 4723 a7fd 5908eaf873ab

Swiss Blue Topaz 9ct white gold ring


Item collection 16d28338 e6eb 4bee b819 e2e6a7bd7295

1.5ct cushion cut halo sterling silver engagement ring


Item collection 141b8ca4 8187 4f64 a6c8 f4393d6f10be

Gorgeous Art Deco inspired 9ct gold ring


Item collection 390a5661 3f24 4c49 8d03 572b6722a0cd

925 marquise leaf cz sterling silver band


Item collection 29d72b85 16ae 4445 b56f 10cffd65f181

sterling silver 5A grade cubic zirconia cluster stud earrings


Item collection 07814547 24b3 4790 a68f ab69a242a4dd

Wide set band AAAAA grade cubic zirconia .925 sterling silver ring


Item collection 162b5b68 d92e 4891 ab6b 88f03e3517cb

9ct white gold princess AAAAA grade cubic zirconia princess cut ring


Item collection e80dc3f0 d55d 43a0 99a5 1a893b7a5181

Russian wedding band in sterling silver and cubic zirconia ring


Item collection 65e134bd 0634 4560 98e6 a04799400e1f

Double halo teardrop with band 925 sterling silver


Item collection d4fec718 9d88 4390 b438 804990f1b802

Sterling silver 1ct pear shape AAAAA grade cubic zirconia engagement ring


Item collection 607829b2 3574 4dc1 93fe bb60323e65c7

Round halo AAAAA grade cubic zirconia solitaire eternity band bridal set with milgrains .925 sterling silver


Item collection fcc3491d a903 4592 be9e e4cb931632ae

Sterling silver 1ct pear shape AAAAA grade cubic zirconia engagement ring


Item collection c588ecfc 275f 49bc aa37 583f0be7db03

Yellow emerald cut cluster earrings 5a cubic zirconia


Item collection ca71b7dd 108c 418e 9990 1d9b9724fafd

Simulated pear shaped emerald cluster earrings set in 5a grade cz


Item collection f771e9ac 4f7c 4857 b910 b15a6d8bad17

14K yellow gold peace pendant necklace AAAAA grade cubic zirconia


Item collection 63274154 4ec3 4acf 9dbe 53be9589df53

925 sterling silver 5a grade cubic zirconia and oval black simulated onyx gold plated earrings


Item collection af2fc73e 3168 4765 b148 6bc05f485c87

18ct gold and genuine diamond rope bracelet


Item collection cfeea974 6ab0 41b4 874a 59bc3cea5aee

18ct Gold and Diamond Huggies hoop Earrings


Item collection 859c4bf3 1eae 4784 8e1d a269c54d35ce

9ct solid yellow gold love bangle


Item collection 4761724d 7344 433c 889e 461bc6613788

9ct yellow gold halo set ring with two bands


Item collection d8c3ed84 0af7 4697 a671 206358ced124

Deep pink pearshape and brilliant cut 5a grade cz stud earrings Edit item Reserve item


Item collection ede25e23 ad86 4bf0 afed df80bebd4e43

sterling silver blue cz rose gold plated ring


Item collection 367e45ae 9bd1 47e2 bc7e 9dc7a6c0dbec

Custom order for mblancherdwer214


Item collection 08c8d2c3 85f2 433e 8782 9cff7995e47a

Pearshape (teardrop) dangle earrings 925 sterling silver


Item collection a75c52f1 b382 418a bdaa 9d3f1dc227a4

Purple and white 5A cubic zirconia star ring .925 sterling silver


Item collection bb2fe523 ee44 47dd acf4 23b95cdfea8b

Double heart signet ring with blue cz sterling silver .925


Item collection 0d03f6bb 2d96 4230 9e5f 7a3a33b8ca0a

Purple star ring wide band statement ring sterling silver Inactive


Item collection 4a3c1564 96be 4ff3 b882 e464e7e12ce6

Bezel set 925 sterling silver stud opal earrings


Item collection 34076c6f 2537 43e9 9554 f94542348294

10kt white gold white sapphire ring


Item collection 9620be7f 1432 45c0 b1c1 bb2645ddfe8f

925 sterling silver simulated ruby and marquise cut 5A cubic zirconia statement ring


Item collection 14bfd8b3 3b77 46b9 8645 42d6399ff099

Vintage style AAAAA grade cubic zirconia round three stone 925 sterling silver bridal engagement ring set


Item collection 7f0e7b85 111d 4732 9606 076dd99f63c3

12ct oval blue sapphire AAAAA grade cubic zirconia .925 sterling silver ring


Item collection 3f73ff74 8e30 44d3 a028 ff7ab5acb196

Emerald cut red baguette 9ct gold art deco engagement AAAAA grade cubic zirconia solitaire ring


Item collection 6be974e6 9ba2 409a 8150 2467f8114eb7

Gorgeous clip on hoop earrings


Item collection aea7e422 4d84 4004 9da2 297911df3dd9

red and white halo dangle earrings sterling silver


Item collection 58fca161 25ff 4d0d b462 5e4e7102a92f

Round, teardrop, emerald cut teardrop champagne cz sterling silver halo earrings


Item collection cc3532c7 6a38 478c b358 e8dc7b51d8f6

Blue and white emerald, round and teardrop halo dangle earrings


Item collection a831aae7 0c8a 49ac b1c3 21b6f99563c4

Beautiful Art Deco ring. Celebrate the colours of life


Item collection 599c7c74 2974 4423 b255 167c3ef0fd7c

Sterling silver deep pink emerald cut ring with trillion cut side stones


Item collection e3a9c66e 0062 4619 b048 2542224144df

Yellow emerald cut trillion side stone ring


Item collection 12ea3236 b644 4bdb 9a5b 497c0a3337b3

Silver art deco ring with oval cz and simulated blue sapphire.


Item collection be77fdef 5f16 49a5 802d 57b9969976da

Emerald green cz art deco ring in sterling silver


Item collection 859c4bf3 1eae 4784 8e1d a269c54d35ce

Copy of 9ct solid yellow gold love bangle


Item collection 2bf08672 adfb 46cd 8925 66bea5cfecaa

Green peridot pear cut set in sterling silver


Item collection 23da8f45 a82a 4246 9b92 89e4d873884d

Two tone sterling silver engagement/wedding band for Her


Item collection b98e8b15 053c 4ef3 89f3 edffd09ec2a1

Sterling silver green teardrop flower earrings


Item collection 702b2ed9 bdf7 48d2 a3d6 003f419ab3cd

2 pairs of flower stud push back earrings sterling silver Swarovski cz


Item collection ab3ce05e 1239 4e76 948c a66362c58503

Princess cut channel set band sterling silver rose gold plated


Item collection 4e248567 ddbd 4f88 962f d3b03428ef9e

Men's 18ct gold VS1 F colour ring


Item collection 39abd18c 5fcd 4094 9c9d 65a68b7a9617

18k white gold dolphin pendant with chain. As cute as it gets!


Item collection e972d41d 8ff0 4197 9639 797086d3b6a3

Wide band rose gold ring with a rotating center line. Keep on spinning!


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